Rohil Dhaka

Rohil Dhaka

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“Since my childhood, I have always been curious about the way things work, from toys to machines. That led me to become a mechanical engineer due to my interest in cars and my final aim of becoming a businessman. I completed my engineering and started with a job to achieve that well-settled life.It took me 3 years to understand that I was trapped in the rat race of the same life cycle that most people are living these days. I wanted more from life and left my job in the search of doing something more. After coming back home I started evaluating myself & gathered information on how to do business. I believe we have to give something before accepting it, which is why I am always ready to give anything required to achieve what I want.As my business picked up, my health declined. I gained a lot of weight and was unable to perform daily life activities. One day as I was sitting in my office, I came across a nutritionist’s visiting card and grabbed the opportunity. I worked on myself, lost 24 kgs and gained back my confidence. I was able to close more business deals than before.This was a turning point in my life and I found success in business and health as well. People started asking me about my fitness and how I was so happy. I started helping people and as they started getting results, it inspired me to help more people with health and business. I am now a business automation mentor and a health influencer.I realised that money is important for survival but to be happy, you must have a healthy body. It is the only vehicle you can carry through your life.”

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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