Aman Singh Solanki

Aman Singh Solanki


"My name is Aman Singh Solanki, from Shahjahanpur, a district in Uttar Pradesh. I'm currently studying at IIT Kanpur. To broadly cite my interests, I like reading books, especially ones that deliver a startup journey or a business plan. Besides that, I am also fascinated towards having a decent exposure in Financial Matters. The newly introduced terms of 'startup' and 'entrepreneurship' fascinated me and I started my journey to contribute to the betterment of society. With this little research, entrepreneurship began to seem like an appealing idea. The Entrepreneurship Culture that I witnessed at IIT Kanpur influenced me to boost this raw dream. As I came to IIT, I realised that your Skill Set holds an immense position in your stature. Following a conversation on the same topic with my fellow friends, Yatharth Singh and Suryansh, we believe that we obtain many skills through various available recorded courses but cannot address the practical problems faced by our society. Thinking hard upon it, we thought of an idea where we could provide a platform for students to learn via Live and Interactive Classes, added with the feature of At-the-moment Doubt Solving! Besides this, we also aspired to provide our students with proper guidance under industry experts to use these skills by working as a freelancer and on Real value holding projects, which eventually would establish their worth in the Corporate Market.As an answer to this problem, we along with a dedicated team. Ed-Tech startup, visioned to enrich the Indian youth with the skills necessary for facilitation in their preparation for jobs in the ever-competitive Professional World and/or to start their own' Solopreneur' journey. I also believe that nothing can keep a person from whatever heights they wish to achieve, given these two qualities."

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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