Vireesh Basavaraj

Vireesh Basavaraj


"While quitting my previous job, I had a debt of 40Lakhs over my head. With a minimum of 1.2Lakhs remaining in my savings account, I started my venture.As a child, I wasn’t sure whether I would be an entrepreneur or not, but I always had the feeling that I wanted to do something bigger in life. Despite being a high-paid employee in the corporate sector, I was unsatisfied with the way of life I was living. My true calling was to contribute to others' lives and help them grow. I am a fearless person and I love taking risks, this attitude of mine helped me while quitting my job despite the huge debt.I started with a clear idea and a definitive gut feeling that if I take calculated risks and effectively execute my plans, then I will be able to make money and come out of all problems in my life. After about 6 months, I decided to share my experience with others and also help them get out of the 9 to 5 rat race without taking much of the risk and hence initiated my online career coaching program. That's how I did 400 free webinars just to create awareness about how I can help people and then saw that the people started responding and showing interest in what I am doing.Because of the calculated risk, I took, now I can live the life that I always dreamed of. I started making double the money I was getting in my job in just the first week of the month. No more hectic traveling, no more reporting, no more targets, no more pressure. Start investing in the programs that can help you upgrade your skills, make you more efficient, and help you in living the life you desire. ”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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