Divakar Pandey and Praveen Kumar Bihari

Divakar Pandey and Praveen Kumar Bihari


“Since my childhood I always wanted to do something big for people living in rural areas. I come from a place where people didn't know much about the field of entrepreneurship. It was when I came to college that I started to get to know more about it through a lot of research.Within the first ten days of joining college, I found the co-founder of the app we founded later. Our entrepreneurship journey thus started in our first year. After our first venture started running in various colleges, we decided to launch our company as well. The branch of our company is presently in 4 states of India. We currently have 15 members in our team and all of them work towards providing different services.The biggest challenge that we faced was that maximum people in our area were job seekers whereas we were working as job creators. We faced constant pressure by friends and family to study and focus on getting a job. It was only when we showed them our results and the fact that we could actually do it that we received a lot of support from people.It doesn't matter where you come from. Just do whatever you can think of, do it with your heart and you will find your way to success.”

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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