Diksha Sadhwani

Diksha Sadhwani

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"I wasn’t always sure that I would start something in the creative sector as an entrepreneur.My initial change of plans took my family by surprise and belonging to a conventional background it was difficult for me to make them understand my work. I was a bright student in school, and then choosing something like designing as a career, really changed things. During lockdown in the previous year, I started my project with my friends. I took notice of the fact that many people showcased their interest in art & craft, which encouraged me to begin my venture. The journey has been one of a kind as I was experiencing the generation of an idea. I had no proper resources. It was just me and some of my friends brainstorming along with the internetI had no prior knowledge of journalism as my venture required me to deal with it. Even though I had no sponsors, eventually, the team & I managed to grow it to close people by word of mouth. It was a tough task to explain the purpose of our work. Without funding, it was difficult to get online. Someday I dreamt of making my venture worldwide. It was not easy to start something in your 12th grade and although I faced initial setbacks, my parents helped me bounce back. I would tell you to focus and develop yourself and your goals, but not on society, and in doing so people will look up to you. Lastly, always be creative.”

State : Madhya Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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