Rahul Jadhav

Rahul Jadhav


“The main reasons behind me wanting to become an entrepreneur were the chance at leaving a lasting legacy, having control over my schedule, a brilliant mindset and the independence that came along with it. I decided to pursue my passion of entrepreneurship during the lockdown when I was in 10th standard.During the phase of my life ridden with failures, I went completely blank. I used to listen to success stories of entrepreneurs to divert my mind. This helped me overcome my difficult situations and I started achieving great things one after the other.Establishing myself as a successful youth entrepreneur, I was approached to speak as a mentor and motivational speaker at various shows, interviews and other platforms. With the help of my elocution skills that I had honed over the years, I was also able to train a lot of students for a number of skills.As an entrepreneur, it is important to find your strengths, hidden talents and passions. When you think out of the box, it helps you to identify your drawbacks and guides the implementation of better ideas. Neglect failure and keep up the constant effort!”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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