Ankita Kureel

Ankita Kureel

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"As a child I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. I wanted to be a badminton player, lawyer or someone from the commerce field. The idea of entrepreneurship came into my mind when I started making skincare products and later teaching the same to get capital so that I can fund my own brand. After 6 months of my constant efforts over social media marketing for the brand and formulating new alternatives for skincare products which are sustainable, the brand actually got noticed and I began to get around 5-6 sales per 1-2 days , as I am a 16 year old school student many of my peers people from my city began to notice my work and even people over other social media platforms like LinkedIn reached out to me for publication and knowing my journey since I started at the age of 14 and how did I make it happen.The biggest challenge I faced was in holding myself together, as all of us have difficulties at personal life levels some may have it on a severe level some may be more chill but for overcoming any sort of a difficulty mentally you just have yourself. Though, staying strong all the time seems impossible but you have to because you have no choices and accepting the fact that all you have is just you. No one can work as hard as you would work for yourself. I overcame some of these by accepting the facts and realising that procrastination won’t make the time circle work more faster it eventually makes you feel that time is stagnant so it’s better to accept the facts and work out the way you feel would be best for your mental peace.The message I want to give to all generations, especially teenagers, is that if you feel that you want to do something but you aren’t confident if you would succeed or not , but when you try you will figure it out . Also if you being too young or being too old is stopping you, it’s never too early or too late to change the world through all of us, we are a part of the earth which demands some good changes. Take a personal responsi

State : Madhya Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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