Preety Uzlain

Preety Uzlain

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“I exactly felt this when I was working for corporations. I invested my time, skills and energy in menial tasks. Although I was financially satisfied, there was no self-fulfilment in my job.I decided to go on an emotional fulfilling journey of entrepreneurship. Having a defence background, and I was always good at study, I joined some classes, and while appearing in competitive examinations, I discovered several children/students coming from an unprivileged background, lacking the required skills and proper education to succeed in these exams.And there it clicked me and I decided to do something about them and started my venture to provide free education to these marginalized people. Soon, my work got considerable traction and it became a huge success. Soon, I tried to replicate my success in another project, by helping mentally challenged (emotionally devastated) people.While I was running my previous undertaking, I discovered I lacked the adequate technical skill to get my job done. Besides the technical hiccups, realizing public demand was also a big challenge. Slowly I learned (still I am learning) the know-how, to help those people out there suffering.But all these pains eventually paid me off and a little while later, I was well recognised through my work. Recently, I am Founder, co-founder & CEO of few ventures. Now I love what I do and the mantra I learnt here is to think differently, dream big and never give up. Irrespective of your caste, religion, colour, nationality and any other background that you may consider as a real hindrance isn’t really problematic. I believe my achievements, successes and accomplishments are the ones that make me happy and proud. Whereas, I feel my mistakes, failures and setbacks make me strong and bold. "You become what you believe”

State : Andhra Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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