Arjun John DSouza

Arjun John DSouza

Alter Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd

“I never imagined that I would end up here. I was in the merchant navy for 8 years and then one day I quit. It was not just something to leave your job and build a business kind of thing. Although when I was younger, I wanted to be a pilot.Since I had no family business, I had to begin everything from scratch. From reading books to gathering information, watching videos, taking courses or attending business meets, everything was to be taken care of. With more inflow of clients, we decided to hire more talented and smarter people to help us run this business. Hiring the outstanding ones amongst the excellent, was a herculean task but now we have grown to a 40-member team along with 40+ clients in a single month.The biggest challenge in my life was to give up the salary of 1.7 lakhs and decide to start from zero. I overcame it by visualising how my life would be in 10 years if I continued sailing. What I saw scared me, I knew I did not want to live that life. With this motivation I chose the more difficult option. Altogether it was a journey of trails, errors and success. Some of my achievements include paying salaries to my team on time, having a high client retention rate (at about 75%), and leading a genius creative team of 40-people.And from my journey, I learnt that you don't need to know anything to start and when quitting isn’t an option, success is the only outcome.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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