Aunkita Nandi

Aunkita Nandi

Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

"I grew up in the small town of West Bengal. As a child, I was a curious and confident girl and never took ‘no’ for anything. I grew up in a middle-class Bengali family where no one from my family has ever been into entrepreneurship or business.Growing up, I did not exactly think of being an entrepreneur, but always wanted to do something different and meaningful. To help people around me, especially the underprivileged. In fact, at a young age, I decided to earn more so that I can pursue this dream of mine.I was always keen on technology and started working independently from my college days and worked on API-based apps. Since that time, I was focused on doing something with technology that would help millions of people, mostly other entrepreneurs. I knew with technology I can change lives. During this time, I met with Mr. Jon Vaughn, my business partner, and together the duo founded Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, in January 2016.Just like any other entrepreneur out there my journey had its ups and downs. I started my software company providing service to other clients, as a result of it I always had the responsibility to get new clients every month to pay everyone. There were several incidents where the company took projects I was not proud of. I was burnt out in my own business playing so many different roles for the first few years. As a result, we started thinking of building our own product so that one day they can bring all the revenue from their products.The entrepreneurial journey that I have had so far has taught me one thing - being an entrepreneur is a tough job and never going to be easy. But there has to be passion, consistency, and keenness to do the work, which eventually plays the most important role."

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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