Bhagchand jain

Bhagchand jain

JK Masale

“In the initial days of helping my father grow our business, my interest increased in the business. Now it's not just a business for us, it's a legacy and an emotion which is being carried forward by generations.I joined hands with my family business almost 60 years ago, when I was a teenager. My passion for the business grew dramatically. Serving quality products to our consumers became my dream and I was eager to establish the brand bit by bit to the extent it has reached now. Steered by a strong belief in the value of structured planning and implementation, the brand has always been focused on sustaining the unmatched and authentic quality of products.After making a platform for running a family business, my involvement increased in successful business development and eventually I started looking after the business through managerial activities.After witnessing a decrease in sale of loose spice(Sold in gunny bags earlier), we had to take a drastic measure of changing the quality of our product. The change was unforeseen by most of the market but we aced the challenge in our own way. We introduced the consistent standard of quality of our product nearly two decades back.Every successful brand, which runs for several years and even decades follows some principles which become their identity and people remember them for a long period of time. We have been extremely lucky to expand our business under the umbrella of ethics which have never been compromised.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Food Processing

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