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Anokhi Creations_EOK


At ANOKHI CREATION, we design and create intricate designs across a panorama of Indian art and culture, bringing Madhubani painting to every home and office space. We aim to bring folk art of India through contemporary products like paintings in the commercial space that appreciate the craftsmanship. The motto is to bring Madhubani art into mainstream everyday use; for the same, we undertook a survey and found a keen target audience with taste and aesthetic sense for our products. We received Rs 1000 as seed money and earned Rs 1600 on our first sale. The cost price of each painting is Rs 300, and the profit margin is double the cost price. We aim to expand our portfolio and tap into the global market. Our six-month growth plan includes providing homemakers job opportunities through our business by training them. We seek an investment of Rs 3 lakhs for our employees' wages and procuring raw materials.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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