Akshat Sharma

Akshat Sharma


“Being an entrepreneur was always my dream. I always loved to provide simple solutions to existing problems. Besides providing people around me with useful resources and helping them, I enjoy the monetary benefits and other profits from my venture.My dream of becoming an entrepreneur became concrete right at the start of COVID-19. Noticing a common problem of eye strain due to online work, I came up with a modified solution for the phone or laptop screen. I prepared a budget-friendly device, costing around 15% of existing models, to help enhance the viewer screen without straining the eyes much. I sold it online by keeping low margins. Besides, I also sold sanitation products. And in doing all of this, I knew entrepreneurship was my destined career paths.Witnessing the plight of my peer shooter who couldn’t afford to go to the nationals the previous due to financial problems, I realised that there are hundred of athletes who face the same issue. To combat this I started India’s first online sports funding platform where athletes, teams, and related organisations could receive apt financial aid through crowdfunding, sponsorship, and investment solutions.But entrepreneurship comes with a fair share of challenges. With consistent efforts, they are manageable as the drive to create something overpowers every discomfort. I have discussed my start-up with hundreds of people and received valuable feedback in return. Not only this but I also got access to a network of entrepreneurs. Development of the product takes time but the execution of the ‘brilliant' idea is the difficult part. I solely believe that entrepreneurship is where society and wealth meet.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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