Keshav Mehra

Keshav Mehra

Recruit corps

“The time was tough. At 19, my father passed away and I had to take responsibility for my family.Even during my college days, I was surrounded by young and budding entrepreneurs. My prestigious alma mater provided me with the golden opportunity to network with high achievers of life. Further, I met along with several other entrepreneurs in my journey who motivated me to take action in this career of being an entrepreneur.Everything began as a fun conversation with friends. What was merely an imagination, has turned into reality now. we young entrepreneurs instead of diving straight into the field of business, we committed to our dream in an organised manner. From making B-Plans to setting up meetings with potential clients are some of the daily efforts that have helped us in establishing a fast-growing small scale business in a span of 1 month.19 years of age was hard for me. I lost my father to a brain haemorrhage. While battling the emotional toll, and the added responsibilities made me more independent. As the eldest son,, there was a lot of pressure on me. Starting from helping out my family and taking care of my siblings as well as managing college along with finding a source of earning, demanded me to be strong and lead a complex goal-oriented lifestyle. The Coronavirus has acted as a cherry on top of my hardships. And today while I have walked out of it with my business, now feels amazing.And after these struggles, I understood the day you feel satisfied within, is the day you will stop putting in efforts to achieve something much greater.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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