Md Zaid Ahmed

Md Zaid Ahmed


“I always possessed an independent mindset of working only for myself. The journey began a long way back.It was since my childhood that I dreamt of establishing my own company. I always felt that I possessed the mindset required to be an entrepreneur. When I was about 10, my English teacher inquired about our dreams. While all other children were answering highly paid jobs, I was the one envisioning a business and being an entrepreneur. I never wanted to work for somebody else and make them rich while I can do that for myself.I use to spend most of my time thinking about alternative sources of income. I always have had a clear vision and several start-up ideas and I plan to incorporate those very soon for helping my company achieve new heights.At the onset of my journey, I formed a three-member team so that it will help me to connect with more people around. Despite explaining my vision, they couldn’t foresee it, nonetheless, they kept on supporting me. But they always believed me and thus today I am successful in my venture.The biggest challenge I have faced in my life was to convince my teammates about my ideas. There was a time when I have worked nearly 16 hrs a day to create the working prototype of my idea. Although I failed many times, seeing the effort which I was making, and the constant support of my friends helped me overcome every huddle coming on my way. Ambitious entrepreneurs out there remember that start small and create something big. Dreams never come true inside your comfort zone.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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