Nithya, Pattabhi

Nithya, Pattabhi

"We started nine months back. Since the inception, we have worked on content and marketing and have worked with 50+ clients globally. We have also launched the Learnings and have trained 65+ students on monetizing their skill. I and my Co-founder Pattabhi Ramachandra Murthy launched TextHappen. It was supposed to be our Side Hustle, but it evolved into a bigger thing now. We have seen a revenue growth of 1.5 million INR in under 9months.Right after experiencing the flexibility in managing the business aspects, we have now decided to launch a media platform that features the people's stories globally, that is FeatureIndia. I always wanted to bring this idea up since I was in my ninth standard, but there wasn't any investment to start. As we never wanted to go for funding, we started at a small scale, earned a flexible amount, and invested that amount in building something exceptional.The biggest challenge for us was to manage the companies, learn new things, and equally balance the college academics. It sometimes becomes very difficult. However, our first priority will always be dedicated towards uplifting the companies. I have rarely attended my college. The biggest challenge hits us during exams, we have to first assign work to all the teammates and PMs for the week. After completing my exams, there will be a priority check of the projects in hand, sometimes the work will be pending or the project deadlines can be scary. After all, we have upgraded ourselves, learnt new things everyday, and are planning many such amazing value provided initiatives in the coming month. You have to put your mind forward, come out of your comfort zone, commit and make things work for you."

State : Telangana

Gender : Female

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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