Chandru R

Chandru R


“My first step into this planet was in a village where there is no Internet, not even a landline. I have to cross clouds and mountains to get some materials to build my ideas. Although these circumstances never stopped my curiosity. My parents faced a lot of struggles to bring up me and my brother. But they never blamed us for those struggles, instead, they hid them from us. But I was observing all their struggles from childhood. This in turn added fuel to my fire of motivation and perseverance, and in my 9th standard, I decided to become an Entrepreneur.Currently, I am giving leadership training to many organizations and heading a research team with around 50+ researchers. I also founded a deep tech start-up called Airdonex that was funded by the Indian Government and incubated by NASSCOM, Vice President of EEE Association. Besides, I also work as a technical manager in Infinite Engineers, mentor various college teams for research on different technologies. I believe I am not even halfway there and consider all my journey as just the beginning.When others want to work in a 9-5 job in a big company, I was dreaming about leading a big company on my own. I know that I cannot take a lead role right away and I have to gain a lot of knowledge and experience. It always doesn’t matter how small we start. Dreaming about our future is just 1%, putting efforts and taking actions into making it a reality is 99%. Even taking a little effort each day for a better future can make a big difference. This is the one thing that everyone should realize to make their dream come true.”

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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