Fabric Designing and Skin Care

Fabric Designing and Skin Care

Organic Beauty

Organic Beauty produces a range of natural skincare products using natural substances like almond oil, beetroot, and aloe vera gel for daily use. We make lips and cheek tint, neem and aloe vera soap, lip balms, lip scrubs, cream-based perfumes, and night cream. Our products are natural and do not have any harmful substances. We started with seed money of Rs 14,000. We invested Rs 2,000 to make these products and generated sales of Rs 5,000, making a profit of Rs 3,000. We have sold our products to 20 customers. Our customers found our products very attractive as they are natural and not harsh on the skin. We want to develop more products for our skincare and focus on our packaging and marketing alongside. We wish to use social media to gain more clients and expand our customer base. We seek an investment of Rs 80,000 to procure raw materials and advertise our business.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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