Rules breakers

Rules breakers

Fashion Star

Fashion Star is a product line with a combination of technology and fashion that provides it with a unique identity in the market. Fashion Star combines technology and fashion to produce new products like magic rings, smart helmets, smart goggles, speakers, and light watches. The products suit all age groups and are highly convenient to use on a daily basis. Our relatives and teachers form our customer base, and we employ social media platforms like Instagram to reach out to more people. We were allotted a seed amount of Rs 12,000 as seed money and made a profit of Rs 15,000. We made three products altogether, with the cost of production for one piece being Rs 580 and the selling price being Rs 1,000. We made a total profit of Rs 420 on every product. We would first invest in purchasing laptops for Research and Development (R&D).

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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