Jabaz Group

Jabaz Group


Jabaz aims at bringing efficiency into the low-end footwear manufacturing business and offer at rock bottom prices. We make handmade, quality footwear and sell them in a weekly market, cheaper than other products in the market. Our footwear costs Rs 60 and still earns a 25% profit margin. We reached out to relatives, teachers, wholesale dealers, and the weekly market to expand our customer base. We received a total seed money of Rs 14,000 and spent Rs 12,000 on the machine and Rs 2,000 on raw materials. We made 45 pairs of footwear and sold each one for Rs 60. We earned a total amount of Rs 2,700 on our products for raw materials worth Rs 2,000. We have reached 40 customers and received positive feedback for our products. We want to buy more raw materials from the money earned and continue the production. We wish to buy bigger machines to manufacture more numbers simultaneously, employ workers and continue production.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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