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Raina Kshetry

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“Coming from a multicultural family with diverse food cultures, it won't be cliche to say that food was most definitely in my DNA. Clubbed with this amazing love for food was a flair of writing which came naturally to me at a very early age. While others in my family were engaged in studies of science or business, I followed my path of writing through a course in journalism.Alongside managing my profession, the passion for food caught on. It started with me visiting a new cafe every weekend and writing about my experience on my personal social media space and a third party food delivery platform. I was lauded for not just my wordplay, but also for my honest critiquing of fine dine and casual dining alike.Someone new to my blog space and my regular audience alike will definitely love the #infostorywithapinchofsalt #breakfaststory and Salt Quiz I conduct every week. My biggest turning point came when I was felicitated by the Former President of India Late Shri Pranab Mukherjee and given an opportunity to become a contributor to one of the biggest Celebrity cookbooks by Twinkle Khanna.With a 9-5 job in hand, food blogging from not one but two cities while keeping the quality of its content intact was a Herculean task. However, God was kind and I was blessed with individuals who respected both facets and provided support when required which makes me indebted to them.I am now a Certified Professional Food Blogger and Creator by the International Council of Specialized Online Certifications (ICSOC) and am currently pursuing a Professional Degree in Coffee Skills. I have also won a number of top flood blogger awards.Nothing comes for free, fast or easy. If you're ready to put aside some hard work, dedication , creativity and consistency, there are loads of opportunities waiting for you. The most important aspect however is patience and humility.

State : Delhi

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