Shreya Das

Shreya Das


"Not fitting in can be frustrating. But, as I learned to embrace not fitting into a corporate culture the way many of my friends and family do, I discovered something beautiful.I wanted to make a difference. I was tired and bored of being a cog in the machine. I wanted to create something of my own. I understood that I didn't have any major responsibilities at that point in life, and I could afford to take risks and fail.Entrepreneurship is one profession in which things can never get monotonous. There is always some new challenge popping up. This leads to passion growing higher and bigger. It is a journey without a set destination, and that's the best part.Every client project presents new challenges, and the only thing I learned is to push my boundaries. I strengthen my mind every day so that I can face the challenges. The only thing my life has been about is positivity and determination. I started my entrepreneurship journey at the age of 21, and with determination, I challenged all my limitations and conquered them.It's all about how you pursue your life. I only had two options - either hit it or let it hit me."

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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