Aayush Aggarwal

Aayush Aggarwal


“As a child, I wasn’t sure if I would be an entrepreneur or not, but my negotiation, management, go-getter skills made me kind of certain that I can be a good Entrepreneur. My friends and family used to call me a good go-getter who could give the solutions to any problem and negotiate with the vendors without any hesitation.I was just 19 years old and was doing my Under-graduation from CVS, DU in B.com (Hons.). I observed that my friends coming from out of station are struggling to buy the furniture when they take the flat or a PG on rent and selling the furniture at a huge loss just after 2-3 years after completing their studies. I thought to myself how I could solve it.After some research into the same I realized there are fewer alternatives to this problem. My mentors and friends always said that to start something big, one always needs a huge investment. But with some brainstorming, I came up with an idea of zero investment.The idea of selling the solution to the untapped problem and having an impact on the economy by helping the customers in a digital world motivated me to work harder and pursue my career as an Entrepreneur. The biggest challenge in my life was to convince the stakeholders to start working with me. Within a year, I was able to complete 100 orders with an investment of just Rs. 5000. For me it is like a good entrepreneur is one who sells the solution to the untapped problem with no excuses and not the one who just starts anything to take the name of an Entrepreneur.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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