Khanak Lashkari

Khanak Lashkari

Project Diversify

"As a child, I was never sure about becoming an entrepreneur. I was a curious kid and always wanted to explore different fields of career before sticking to one. Although coming from a business-oriented family, I was always towards the aspects of entrepreneurship.In my 11th grade, while undergoing different school projects related to social entrepreneurship, I understood its importance in the current time and how it can affect thousands of people positively. I was firm to make the most out of the resources available during the lockdown and hence decided to pursue my nebulous interest as a social entrepreneur.From a very young age, my mom has encouraged me towards working for the good. She encouraged me to give dance performances at local orphanages and schools and to make regular donations to charity on birthdays and other important occasions. These were perhaps my first encounters with community service which later evolved into me becoming increasingly active in social work. After gaining significant volunteer experience. I was able to develop empathy and respect for individuals in my society and all over the world. This has further encouraged me to take on leadership roles in society and become a social entrepreneur by inspiring me to co-found 'Umpteen Treasure,' a non-profit organization dedicated to SDG4 and skill development. Now with a strong volunteer network all over India we emphasize on building a better student community and generation of leaders.Passing through the stage of ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and being consistent was the biggest challenge I faced, but being true to myself and heading back from the negative thoughts enabled me to keep going. Anytime you invest in doing work you genuinely care about will help you develop a better plan using the previous experiences."

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Female

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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