Shraddha Shrivastava

Shraddha Shrivastava

Digital Height

“I wanted to be a doctor but then when I grew up, I realised that I didn't find science subjects interesting. I was freelancing along with my full-time job. As I got clients, I gradually added a few members to my team. My company was formed unofficially.With my ability to work in freelancing and as I got more work with references, I was able to form my company officially. I became an entrepreneur before I thought to be. The journey of an entrepreneur is never easy. Despite all the ups and downs, it is very interesting and I'm enjoying it to the fullest. My working time is not limited to standard working hours and I have had a lot of novel experiences. During the journey, I learnt lessons of life that I wouldn't have been able to learn in my jobs. Every experience is different. The biggest challenge is maintaining consistency despite anything going on in your life. My responsibility is not only to take my business to great heights, but it also includes doing the same for my clients.I have been serving over 10 countries and our recently released newsletter gained more than 10,000 subscribers. Being a Linkedin coach, I have trained over 5000 students and around 2000 working professionals and entrepreneurs for Linkedin learning. I have also hosted over 500 webinars, a few seminars, launched various ebooks, courses, workshops and masterclasses.It doesn't matter if you achieve your goal early or later in life. What matters is the work you put in and the growth you go through.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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