Paras Kalra

Paras Kalra

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“I always wanted to be my own boss and achieve great things. My father taught me to do something unique. He inspired me to become a job maker rather than a job seeker. I was fond of experimenting with my computer and got to know about digital marketing. I did a lot of courses in the same field, and even though it became my passion, I chose law as my profession.Entrepreneurship is not my career; it is my identity. I didn't have much knowledge about the digital community, and I faced many challenges. My Family and friends supported me whenever I went to try something new. Having faced fraud, I decided to study law to make myself aware about the laws and rules to prevent something like this in the future. I also wanted to help others by guiding them in a way that made them secure and didn't let them lose trust in doing business online.My journey of becoming an entrepreneur has been very interesting and full of problems at the same time. I didn't have funds to try new things. I never asked for money from my parent rather managed them by myself. I am a self-taught entrepreneur who is still searching for something new. I successfully built a client base with 100+ regular clients in just two years. I have worked in teams for International NGOs, and I am managing singers for various music industry services.Dream hard and dream big. Put effort into it, and the path for accomplishment will open by itself. The result may take time, but by the end of it, you won't be disappointed.”

State : Haryana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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