Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma


“Accidents change lives. It impacts us in ways we can’t imagine. I was always a backbencher. Until my 20s, I was completely unaware of my upcoming Entrepreneurial Journey. After my accident on 19th November 2019, it changed my world. I found enough space at that time in my life that I started looking for loopholes in society, or you can say in the Indian Market. So, one Idea suddenly struck my brain that I should create one platform like LinkedIn but only for Food Industries. Since I am from a Food Technology background, I also don't want to change my core field.The journey after becoming an entrepreneur is entirely different as I don't have a fixed timetable. I work 12-16 hours a day. Sometimes day becomes my night, and night becomes by day. It is fascinating to create a brand and start working on it. Every day I face newer challenges, and I even learned so many life hacks, which generally people know at the age of 30 or above. Pursuing a job will never provide us with sufficient independence.I don't think I faced any such massive challenge in my file. Whatever I met, I adapted myself to that very soon. But as an entrepreneur, I seriously faced many challenges, which made the journey exciting and forced me to level up, or the game was over.Since I wasn’t from an IT background, I had to develop all the soft-skill needed to manage my business. Even though there was a day, owing to someone else's mistake, we would face a case. Eventually, the culprit was found. Similar to such daily challenges, I remain disciplined every day to work consistently on my goals. Everybody hustling must remember that the more you go down, the better you rebound. You have 3600 seconds every hour, so spend them wisely because you live once. ”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Food Processing

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