Aaron Dsouza

Aaron Dsouza


"Since childhood, I always knew I would be a part of something that had to do with transforming lives. Entrepreneurship was the universe's way of making it happen. When I realized that I would do more justice if I had to take the final call, I realized that I had to do something of my own. I decided to be an entrepreneur. It's one of the most amazing roller coaster rides with surprising transitions and transformations. I'm working on myself with some of the best therapists and coaches to become one of my kind.I never take difficulty as a challenge. It's more of a self-limitation that I had to move ahead of and create a new reality for myself. A challenge is when we falsely believe that the situation or person has power over us - I wasn't going to allow that to happen to me.I wouldn't call my rewards achievements. It's more like an acknowledgment of my work. I feel my biggest reward has been the unshakable trust and confidence my clients have in me to guide and reconnect them to their brilliance - I call that my Padma Vibhushan and greatest certificate.Our business is all about healing and creating abundance in health, wealth, relationships, and becoming the best version of yourself. We focus on reconnecting you to your inner brilliance, healing you of your pain, trauma, and emotions that bind you, limit you, and stop you from being the authentic amazing being that you are. Stop waiting for someone to remind you of your potential and power. Start therapy to find the reason behind your self-created limitations and attract the life you always dreamed of! After a few sessions of inner work, the word magic will be a reality and your new normal."

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Automobile

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