Meet Mehta

Meet Mehta

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"Everything has an origin. I got an aspiration to begin my entrepreneurial journey from my parents. Initially, they used to do seasonal businesses, roadside stalls and that kind of work. But today, my father owns a company and a manufacturing unit of artworks. My parents always told me – ‘beta mehnat Karo and Naam kamao’. This inspired me and pushed me to take action and now I am on my way to becoming an entrepreneur. I hope that I will make myself happy and feel proud someday.My father worked hard for his company and 2 years back, this motivated me to begin my journey. I am happy with the fact that now I am growing every day. My parents are very happy to see everything. My aim is to deliver great quality products to my consumers. I am still on a growing stage. My father is my mentor and I improve upon my mistakes under his guidance. Today my venture is one of the fastest-growing agencies and I am proud to be the founder of such an agency. Several of my friends asked me how I did this. I advised and inspired them to open their respective agency and enter the market.Every business requires capital to run with and similar to many entrepreneurs, funding was also a challenge for me. To solve this and begin my entrepreneurial journey, I came up with a minimal investment business plan and started this agency with two friends with just one thousand five hundred rupees. There were also other problems, as initially, other brands did not trust our agency. But we onboarded the best influencers on our platform and then several brands approached us for the marketing campaign.I believe that quality and on-time service to our clients is the main reason for our success. The upcoming entrepreneurs should remember that always provide quality work to your clients within a given duration.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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