Mohd Zain Khan

Mohd Zain Khan

Upwork Trades

“I saw things differently from a young age. I was average in studies but computers and technology fascinated me enough to learn and gain more knowledge about computer languages. In my college years, I was always trying my hands on different workstations & developer tools.I had a good three-year journey in the SEO & Digital Marketing field before registering my own business. Registering your first business is always the hardest part. The risks and financial Management is usually the thing that troubles you the most, but it is all worth it once you start landing clients.I wanted some extra hustle so I started trading in Forex, Stock Market and Cryptocurrencies, along with running a few servers for languages that created bots, mostly used in websites and applications for support. I was meeting clients in the daytime while working for them at night.My digital marketing company has great reviews from my clients. Soon after registering a marketing company, I started my already laid plan of a clothing brand registered under the same group of companies. The people working with me are a group of young and creative minds which puts us ahead in the business.My ultimate achievement is not having to work under someone. To start with, you just need to believe in yourself.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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