Jay Raiyarela

Jay Raiyarela

Eyelash Technologies

"From a young age, I was exposed to entrepreneurship and it always interested me. All of my experiences along with my upbringing led me to become a full-time entrepreneur. I decided to never work for anyone else in my life and plan to build my own companies for the rest of my life. It’s what I love doing and it’s where I find I can make the most impact on others fastest. Entrepreneurship is one profession where things can never get monotonous. There is always some sort of new channel popping up.As the famous saying states “the real lies in the journey, not the destination”. Entrepreneurship is that journey where it will never have the last destination. It's only gonna go on. And thus the passion sustains to grow higher and bigger. I wanted to start something that was mine where I had full control to captain the ship and be a better leader. So I found an opportunity to be able to start our branding and consulting firm. It all blossomed from there, but not without severe struggles and hurdles. Being a slave to other people’s dreams can only give you safety & security, but it can never give you Freedom. That was my principle. "Rome Was Not Built in a Day, Nor Was It Built by a Single Man".

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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