Harsh Kanjariya

Harsh Kanjariya


"As a child, I was attracted to gadgets and innovative things and always enthusiastic to create something new. I wasn’t aware of the word “Entrepreneur” but it was there in me. I was already good with technology so I started studying about coding and other sophisticated things and I decided to be an engineer with the vision of making the world a better place with innovations.When I was in my second year of engineering I got an opportunity to join the group of innovative people. There I learned about what is an entrepreneur, how to start a company on your own idea and how to become an entrepreneur. I found out about startups, fundings and how I can grow something from the idea. Then I decided to become an Entrepreneur and that was the time where my path to achieve all the goals became clear.When I started my journey as an entrepreneur I had no idea on how to build something that can change the market. I faced many problems then I realised that an entrepreneur is a person who likes facing new challenges everyday. So I started taking problems as challenges and focusing on how to overcome them. I evolved through the challenges and that helped me become a successful entrepreneur. When we started working on our idea I was a decision maker, but I had no experience in industrial way of developing a product. So creating a product so that product can be scalable and market fit was the biggest challenge for me. For that I asked for suggestions from experienced people of the same industry, I started getting new ideas and got help to overcome the challenges. At that time I realized that opportunities are already waiting for you in the world, you just have to start making efforts to reach them. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; they are just building blocks of experience. Make mistakes and learn from them. As an experienced person is the one who made enough mistakes and learned from them."

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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