Akshay Shah

Akshay Shah

iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

“I always wanted to do something different. I thought I would become a scientist but due to my poor grades I started losing my self-esteem. The launch of the internet coincided with my teen years. I learnt web programming and started coding.At the age of 16, I started taking up small web projects. I also started cyber cafes and a computer hardware company. Since I was into web programming, my aim was to build enterprise software for Indian companies. I further co-founded a web app company.The biggest challenge which I have faced is being unconventional. It's not easy convincing people that it can work. Even today, our business model is the first of its kind. Every single day there is a challenge and the only thing which keeps me or any entrepreneur going is passion.Hiring 1000s of people, more than 85% freshers and changing their careers over the past decade is a huge achievement for me. We are supremely proud of our product, business model, home grown innovative technology, being a proud Indian product company and our ability to serve Indian universities and colleges.The journey is more beautiful than the destination. For me, entrepreneurship is not skin deep, it is in my DNA. It's the thing which keeps me breathing and going against all odds every single day.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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