Vijay Prakash

Vijay Prakash

Global Environment Conservative Society (GECS)

I started a global leading environmental nonprofit named GECS (Global Environment Conservative Society). As a child, I always wanted to do something meaningful but the Indian education system, especially CBSE, doesn't teach things outside the academics which is very important to everyone for their growth outside the classroom.In the COVID-19, It was a great time meeting people all across the globe through some events and programs in which I got in. I was always afraid from the Climate Change and threats related to Environmental issues. I wanted to explore more about Climate Change and things related to extinction and the extinction of civilization. In 2020, I started my venture for many reasons such as Cleanup Drives, Awareness spreading, Connecting the world to nature, etc.When I realized I can be an impact creator, I didn't wait for the moment to come instead made the moment to launch my venture in the service of people.Becoming a Social Entrepreneur wasn't an easy task for a high school student like me especially when I didn't have prior experience and essential skills. I learnt all the skills through online courses and some other platforms where I can get information about starting up. Challenges were there on every stage but I managed to overcome all of them slowly and steadily.At last, supporting sustainable goals and making a sustainable world is pretty acknowledged in the litigations when we heard warnings and dangers of global concerns such as Carbon Emissions, Global Warming, etc.

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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