Deep Mehta

Deep Mehta


“As a child, I saw my parents struggling with multiple businesses and finally finding their path to success. I have admired them since the beginning and now I’m trying my best to follow their footsteps.I started my entrepreneurship journey after looking at my father’s hard work and it just started 5 years back. I’m glad that I’m growing day by day and that my parents are happy to see it. My career started with helping my dad in the family business to building India’s fastest growing online gifting portal. I’m proud to be the founder of this business.Like any other small business, our biggest challenge was the initial capital. Another challenge was to build trust within the customers. It was quite difficult to do in this era of cybercrime which results in economic and emotional loss for the customers. To overcome this challenge, we tried to endorse our website and products using the services of Instagram influencers and ads. No matter what, we try to maintain the best quality of our product.I am still evolving as an entrepreneur and after learning from my family and friends I’m more than happy to correct my mistakes. I am grateful that I am able to guide and assist my friends in creating their own online portal or business and enter the market.Nothing is difficult or impossible to achieve if you keep on trying. To be successful one must believe in oneself.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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