Warren Viegas

Warren Viegas

LVC Comedy

“That is pretty much the definition of work, the kind one would love to do. From a young age, I always questioned the general status quo. ‘Why’ was hardwired in my system since childhood. I suppose this was a stepping stone for a mindset that enabled me to think outside the box later in life.I worked several jobs, but never really fit in anywhere. I’d often feel that there were better ways to solve certain problems but the bureaucracy of the place stood in my way. I enjoyed my time working for others and learnt a ton, but I knew that starting something on my own was an eventuality. My journey so far has been quite enthralling and intense. I was a huge comedy fan as a kid and watched every comedy album I could get my hands on. I can pretty much recite every line from Friend’s series of the character Chandler.Today, the exciting part of the job is managing funny people. I love being around jokes. I handle the business side of shows, touring sold-out arenas, and seeing the entire world are some of the perks. But I’m also aware that this is possible because of the less glamorous and tedious elements of entrepreneurship like studying human nature, or understanding tax planning etc.I work in the entertainment business, and behind the glamour are some fiercely competitive and smart people, with very high commercial stakes, and a bit of a dog-eat-dog vibe. However, the biggest challenge I faced in life is not work-related but of the health of the loved ones, which certainly bears higher priority. I’m a talent agent for several high paying clients like Abhishek Upmanyu, Anubhav Singh Bassi, and among many others in the comedy business. If you do what you love for a living, and are lucky enough to surround yourself with people you love, it’s heaven on earth.”

State : Goa

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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