Ujjwal Singh

Ujjwal Singh

Scale Delight

"I wasn’t definitely sure as a child but while growing up during my teenage years, entrepreneurship started catching my attention. It was during 2013-14 that I started following the startups and the startup bloomed in India helped me to think that I can also be the one. My entire journey and thought of getting into entrepreneurship began from there.It was in my 3rd year of engineering that I seriously started to build my own digital marketing agency right after my college, though I ended up starting my digital marketing agency - Scale Delight just in my 4th year of engineering at the age of 21. Since I started up right in my college days without any experience, without any concrete knowledge on entrepreneurship; initial 2 years were full of surprises, learning and using the learning to take my next step.The biggest challenge that I have faced in my entrepreneurial journey I believe is getting the right talent in my team during the starting days of the company without having much cash flow. However, I overcame it rather smoothly by spotting the right talent at the right time and sticking to the growth promises being made to them at the beginning. As cliché as it may sound, our top achievement is having grown at least 20+ businesses with our digital marketing services. We have case studies where we have grown the results by more than 10x to the clients we serve. Many things which don’t make sense now will start making sense in years to come. So keep learning, keep working in the right direction & t

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Consulting

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