Jhanvi Gupta

Jhanvi Gupta


“Quite honestly, I wanted to become a doctor. But my family was into business all along and I wanted to do something different from my family. And one can definitely not fight the genetics! My genes pushed me in some other direction in due time. While I was trying to figure out a way for my business, during Covid, I heard my father conversing with my mother about the disgust he feels about these adulterated as well as second-rated Ayurvedic products in the market. Ayurveda is the real Indian Treasure and Indians themselves are being deprived of the purest Ayurvedic products.That was the moment. After a lot of discussion with my father, an entrepreneur and uncle who’s a DM doctor, we came up with the vision of this company and my brand 'Aayusetu'. After a great deal of discussion, we made a list of our priority products. The formulations were revised and re-formulated and some were even invented for the first time by my team of Ayurvedic Doctors and the series first list of Aayusetu products was launched in October 2020. Only after 2 months, we started receiving a great response. People started loving our products and a lot of our products were sold out in only 2 months. And even some sells out as soon as we restock it. But now after this heart-warming response from our customers, we have also started franchising our brand.Life is all about challenges. Every day all of us face challenges every now and then but I feel that’s the beauty of life. I have faced several challenges myself and still do obviously, but I am glad that with my parents’ guidance I have always overcome them.I would like to tell everyone that today one needs to be extremely aware of what they use and consume. Today our world needs a better product and we’re here for it.”

State : Punjab

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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