Rutika Malviya

Rutika Malviya


“I still remember having dreams like winning the Best Woman Entrepreneur award. That's the only dream I ever had during my school days. I always watched my dad run our business and achieve great heights, I wanted to follow his footsteps and do the same.I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I like to do things immaculately and in an organized way. But it's rightly said, you need to walk the road to nowhere it leads. I interned and worked with some major ad agencies. In 2010, I decided to take the leap.It's been over a decade and I love every bit of it. I made my way from growing one company to a publisher and magazine and now to finally launching a global marketplace. It's not like we always succeed. I take pride in my failed startups because they led me to better opportunities. I won the title of the Youngest India Head for Licensing International Globally. I am currently running 3 businesses.Entrepreneurship is a dynamic journey. You go through a hundred emotions in a day. While one message from a client can cheer you up, the other can break you down. The goal is to stay consistent and not be overwhelmed by the exterior forces you have no control of. It's passion that drives any entrepreneur to build something.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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