Polina Koroleva Agrawal

Polina Koroleva Agrawal


"At Get Greenie, we believe in making people happy by providing them with a zero-effort way to grow leafy greens at home. We set up Organic Smart Garden that will grow anything you want requiring zero maintenance and attention. Find 15 minutes for the initial set-up and then forget about the garden for a month and you will have a good deal of juicy greens growing. Our grown greens bring happiness and that is the most essential thing in life. That’s why have built an organization, where the satisfaction of customers, team members, and the local community is at most predominant.I am the founder of this happy place and my name is Polina Koroleva Agrawal. I would like to share my story about how we chose to Plant Happiness in our Organic Smart Garden. I was born in Russia and when I was 17, my parents decided that it was time for me to go. First, they sent me to Malta to learn English, then they sent me to China for my undergrad. I didn't speak a word of Chinese when I went to China. Then, in 4 years I did a Chinese taught master's. It was quite an achievement. After my master's, I was working for a while. Then in early 2020, I met an Indian guy who is my husband now, I moved to India and got married in July 2020. I was working for some big companies, like fancy investment banks and international technology companies, yet I was never really happy in my workplace. I wanted to have a happy environment, where my team members and I would strive and become better every single day. This was the purpose I created a Get Greenie. I wanted to have a place, where all the people would be happy, cheerful, and productive.That’s how Plant Happiness, Organic Smart Garden, and Get Greenie were born".

State : Haryana

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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