Adhishree Anand

Adhishree Anand

Live By Design

"Live by Design is the manifestation of my dream to build a company that creates action tools to help people achieve their dream life. To empower them to Live by their own Design. It is a personal development company that creates Action Tools for productivity and goal success.When I started out my entrepreneurship journey, I found myself struggling with focus and time management. These are life skills, just like money management, which are not taught in our formal education system in schools or colleges. As a result, most people venture out into reading books and taking self-development training programmes.So did I. It made me realize that I indeed have the power to create my future, the way I desire. It filled me with the positivity and motivation I required. However, the struggle remained to convert this motivation into action. I was committed to take charge of my life but the questions remained:Where should I start? What actions shall I take? I had no structure to follow.As Dale Carnegie says: knowledge has no power unless applied. Motivation without action is a wasted effort. While there was an abundance of knowledge available through coaching programmes and books, there were no action tools available to implement that knowledge to get the desired results. Our USP product: The Goals Journal, is the first Goal-Focus Planner in India. Within the first 6 months of its launch the Goals Journal reached 100+ cities in India and internationally. We have collaborated with organizations like FICCI, BNI, Rotary, MSME & Startups Forum, Leap.Club, YEN, Mental Health Today and universities like IIT and Amity. It is said.. Some people dream of success. Others get up every morning and make them happen!Choose wisely."

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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