Riya Rashmi Das

Riya Rashmi Das

The Opus Coliseum

“As a child, I never imagined being an entrepreneur and as someone who grew up in a conventional environment. I aspired to become an author after I started writing. When my writing started flourishing, I had a zeal to start my own publication house. It's where I started my business last year in August and it's been a year. I started my organization on 29th August 2020 which was a new turning point in my life.I have been in this industry for three and half years and started as a writer, then a Compiler, compiling world record Anthologies but Opus was never in my plans. Being an entrepreneur was not so easy. I knew I would face hurdles but somehow prepared myself and started working towards it. In the beginning, several were by my side to work along and through this, they gained my trust. But then I faced some tough challenges as my trusted ones left me in the middle. They tried to stop me in every possible way and even some of my closest ones became my competitors. Even I heard that I won't succeed and Opus will come to an end in a few months. But I worked harder to overcome every challenge and now I am happy with my progress. I believe you never know when the tables can turn in your favor. So always believe in yourself, and your instincts because there's where you know the path to lead yourself.”

State : Odisha

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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