Girish VS

Girish VS


"Since childhood I have wanted to become a successful entrepreneur. My father was a businessman and I grew up watching all his ups and downs in business. My father was an inspiration and also an example for me. I am from an upper-middle-class family and I always wanted to give my family a better lifestyle.I started to think of making money from my 6th grade and I started from there itself. I still remember my dad beating me up for selling t-shirts to my school friends. I was not good at academics. I realized that most people around me are just living a life that was taught to them. No one is doing anything out of the box. And people who were doing out-of-the-box things are successful. I never wanted to live a normal life, I always dreamt of becoming super-rich. To get there I decided to do business as I was good at this and I found freedom of work. The negative thoughts in our minds are the toughest challenge to overcome. There is no end to these thoughts. When you get under too much mental pressure you will feel like giving up, I also do. However, I overcame this by thinking about why I started all these and all the efforts that I put in. Sometimes taking a peaceful break helps.I started a business from just 2000 rupees and now have lakhs of turnover. I Started Laila's Eatables in 2017 and started Finspell Edtech LLP in 2021 and gave employment to more than 10. Laila's Eatables found its top sales at the peak of the covid-19 pandemic. Finspell Edtech made a 3 lakhs turnover in the first month itself.Don't listen to anyone, just do what makes you happy."

State : Kerala

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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