Rajeev Raj

Rajeev Raj

Take5 Music

"Rajeev never thought of becoming an entrepreneur until 3 years ago. His goal was always to be in the field of music. Yet, somehow he ended up becoming an Entrepreneur in Music. It was in 2018, when Rajeev started his journey by starting a Music school in Hyderabad. His journey was quite challenging but also exciting where he got to learn a lot of things in this journey which were new to him.His biggest challenge was turning into a Founder of a Music Learning Application from a Musician. Rajeev wasn't exposed to technology or managing developers so, he had to do a lot of research and learning in the path of understanding things to develop a product. It was challenging as well as refreshing. Their main objective was to make their business easy and accessible. This led to the idea of taking it to a global scale.Rajeev has performed at least 500 shows with his band as a live singer and guitarist while also having taught guitar to more than 300+ students across the world. He is currently managing a Tech Company with 30 employees while also composing for multiple mainstream movies, living his dream!His curiosity led him to paths he had never imagined and he believed one's curiosity leads to great things.”

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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