Sharvari Ranade

Sharvari Ranade

The Tweaky Tales

“It is usually difficult to be employed in a creative field. While I never thought of being an entrepreneur, I was always committed to do something of my own where my creativity has no external expectations and boundaries and I can let it flow the way I want.While doing my Bachelor’s degree, with photography as my vocational subject, I used to think of converting my art to something more useful. After my marriage, I lived in the United States of America, accompanying my husband. Being on a dependent visa, I thought of becoming independent. That's when I explored my editing skills and got myself into the world of video editing. I took online training courses and then practiced the skills on my own. Upon my return to India a year later, I experimented with and practiced my skills. This is when I decided to harness my creativity further and take it to the next level. During this time, my life partner,Rohan also started to learn the skills of video editing, and with his support I decided to start a venture of our own. We met our third partner, Onkar with similar creative mindset and we started our company together, 'The Tweaky Tales'.The patriarchal society always looks at a married woman to be supporting the house than running a business. I had to overcome the thoughts of some of the people by proving my capability and showing the value of my worth. It was then that the acceptance slowly crept in.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Media

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