Onkar Gaikwad

Onkar Gaikwad

The Tweaky Tales

"There is no magic shortcut to success. I learned that during the early stages of my journey. Your passion and your dreams to create value out of your work are the way ahead to a grand slam. Entrepreneurship is hard. I was working when my friends were chilling out, stayed awake when most of the world was sleeping, and dreamed with my eyes wide open. Entrepreneurs are super-humans, they are born to do scary things.Ideas and opportunities don’t just execute themselves. Thus my hunger to achieve more never stopped and it pushed me to build our empire of film and media production with The Tweaky Tales with my partners in shenanigans, the charismatic duo Rohan and Sharvari.Grinding myself as an intern and working for someone else was never my calling. I understood my inclination to creativity to my entrepreneurial mindset that will change the world around me. One of the biggest regrets of my journey was my entering into the film and media production business. People stereotyping this industry as taboo was weighing me down. To fly out from such an outlook, demanded a lot of patience and long haul. Not giving-up attitude made me a go-getter and my empathy made me a people person. Team management helped me to take my business bull and place it among the bigger players of the industry.For many, Monday is a nightmare but for me, it is another brand new start to more fabulous work and opportunities. I learned the whole shebang that is required to be a Successful Entrepreneur during my journey and I know how to bring the best out of my client's requirements. Authenticity and honesty vibrate in my work making my business a favourable choice for others."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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