Kshma Shirish Patil

Kshma Shirish Patil

Saksham Resources Management Pvt. Ltd

"As a child I always used to be calculative and good at selling my points to people.I am firm believer of being able to stand out whatever I do in spite of having a million hindrances, currently even having monopoly in HR processes as a company all over the country, I follow my principles. I decided to make entrepreneurship my career and after completing my MBA, from there my entrepreneurial journey started and from then till now I have reached so far and I have to go way further from here.I faced lots of challenges but I take my challenges as my opportunities. I see on a daily basis what I am doing for which I am passionate about which is People management. We are a team of 55 at Saksham Resources Management Pvt Ltd, here a lot of learning and monitoring is done to overcome the crises. I faced a lot of difficulties but I never let anything come between me and my business. I faced the hardest of times in my journey. I traveled to Africa for a month when I was seven months pregnant just for a commitment with our client to finish the task. The only message I want to give to everyone out there is that, the way you do one thing, you will do everything in life...Do excel whatever you do."

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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