Sahil agnihotri

Sahil agnihotri


"Since childhood I was always fascinated towards the F&B industry and since my school days I always wanted to serve people, as food is a language in itself which connects people. In 2016 I quit my job and started with a late night delivery kitchen with the name, WTF(weird time food). I was never too scared to try something different and unique. Had I not got the courage at that time I would have not been able to come this far and each this much.Biggest challenge in my entrepreneurship journey was to convince my family that I want to start with business after leaving my full time job in 2016. I remember back in 2018 we had a hard time continuing with our kitchen, we had to completely shut the operations and I was completely broken and had no idea what to do ahead. But my family supported me a lot. We started it on a small scale again all thanks to the help from my parents who stood by me in every ups and downs. It was not only me who fought with the difficult situations but my family also struggled a lot with me and never left me alone to suffer. The only message I would like to convey to all people out there is that never fear to walk on the road less taken or less crowded. Always have the courage to try something different and be the unique one in this crowded world."

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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