Tehmin Tamboli

Tehmin Tamboli

Affiliate marketer

"During my childhood, I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur or doing any kind of business as I was a science student. The first of this journey was when I was in 12th Standard, I started my digital career. I found my interest there and pursued it with all my passion. It was then I decided to make entrepreneurship as my career. From then I worked hard and now I have achieved this stage.The biggest challenge of my life was that of having difficulty in communicating to people. I was an introverted person by nature until I got into a digital career. It took me some time to get out of this fear to talk with strangers but gradually by being in the right community and learning various courses I overcame it.I started my journey of entrepreneurship at the age of 16 and became a millionaire in INR at the age of 17. I made 1.7 million INR in one year at the age of 18. I got two fully sponsored trips from my company. From being a girl who is an introvert and afraid of talking to people to being a girl leading, who guides people in their journey, is one of my biggest achievements in my life.My business is all abt skills development programs & affiliate marketing. We provide skill based Courses on various topics from which people can develop their interpersonal skills, learn various digital and high paying skills such as content writing, communication skills, digital marketing,etc.To all the youngsters it's my message to start doing something productive. Social media is a blessing as well a curse. Start learning skills, building side hustle, business over it."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Media

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