Snehal Gersappa

Snehal Gersappa


It began while I was in college. Witnessing the birth of social media made me think that nowadays businesses are designed not only for profit but also to bring in a change in society by solving problems. The start-up culture which took off over the last decade gave me confidence and motivation to start my own venture.Taking relevant experience in various sectors of Business Development and People Management gave me a clear understanding of how businesses run. After 17 years of work and an idea, to begin with, I decided to take the leap and start Zlen. After getting constant negative feedback for my prototype of Zlen, I finally met Ashwin Datye –Co-founder and CTO who recognized my idea. In the tech industry, the biggest challenge is to gather like-minded resources. This was even more difficult during COVID. It was a difficult job to prepare a high-performing team that can handle such a complex project successfully. Initially, we began with 5 members but today we are inviting young talents to join us. Then there was the budget problem. After pitching my idea to about 50+ investors, I found someone who believed in my vision. The general attitude towards privacy has been negligent as our dependence on the internet grows. Each and every person must take their privacy seriously and Zlen helps you to do that.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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